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Boithre Iarainn TG4

January 13th, 2011

January Newsletter 2011.

Happy New Year 

WCR now stars of the screen!


            Those watching TG4 on Sundays at 8.15pm for the next 5 weeks will see the WCR playing the starring role in the “Bothair Iarnrod” TV series. Filmed at Moyasta over 3 days of superb “Indian Summer” weather, the WCR played host to TG4’s most professional team whilst operating “Slieve Callan” under their direction. The local amateur dramatic group, “The Crack’d Spoon Company,” played the extras as the IRA, Black & Tans and British Army were portrayed in various roles re-enacting incidents that had occurred on Irish railways in the past.

The re-appearance of Black & Tans in Moyasta caused a few heart flutters amongst some of the older inhabitants and some consternation but a photo of Jackie being shot by an IRA firing squad that was later pinned up in the pub brought many ribald comments – many to the unkind effect that it should have happened long ago!

In the first programme, a history of the Kingstown & Dublin Railway, “Slieve Callan” was shown many times but not in full profile as her workings and footplate procedures were being shown as additions to old footage of steam in days long gone and representing other railways. However, Driver Stephen Whelan, seemed to get plenty of exposure working as the fireman (!) and there is no doubt that it will be hard to fight off the crowds of eager girls who will be coming to the railway to meet their heartthrob for a while. The ticket office and ladies’ waiting room rightly received the attention they deserve since they are being kept in pristine original condition and we are all looking forward to seeing more of the railway being portrayed in the next 5 episodes.

P.S If you miss the programme on a Sunday evening it is repeated on a Friday night at 11 pm on TG4.