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June/July Newsletter

July 8th, 2010

            It is a pity from our point of view that schools have now broken up for the summer holidays. The success of our school visit promotion has kept the railway very busy this month with only Richard, the fireman, complaining of 5 o’clock starts to raise steam. Even he enjoys the delight and enthusiasm shown in the smiles of the children and a rasher sandwich with cup of tea soon shuts him up! This is definitely a “market” that the railway will continue to follow and develop in the future.

            Stephen, driver & fitter, has begun a program of making the railway’s infrastructure work and a signal has now appeared on one of the posts at the end of the platform. He intends to make both posts work from hidden switches on the platform soon which will add much to the general fun. In the meantime, he is fighting the rust in the swivelling mechanism of the water crane and he continues to show the famous Whelan determination by refusing to give up despite all disappointments.

            Not only has ex-Bord na Mona stock been collected for the railway’s displays of industrial railways in Ireland but 2’ gauge trucks have been found at Ardnacrusha and will soon be brought to Moyasta for preservation. A massive hydro-electric power station was built at Ardnacrusha during the 1930’s and the River Shannon itself had to be diverted to accommodate the works. The canal that was formed needed to be regularly dredged and these trucks were pulled along the towpath railway collecting the dredgings from the dredging boat for dumping elsewhere. A static display of these historic vehicles on a short 2’ gauge industrial track is envisaged.

            Sunday 11th July will see the commencement of Jackie’s latest idea of bussing in visitors from Kilkee. A Courtesy Coach is being laid on to bring passengers on the hour between 1pm and 5pm to the station from the car park close to the beach at the south end of the town. This will, no doubt, increase the number of passengers considerably especially when the weather is not as kind as it has been during this past few weeks and it will be a new and exciting attraction for the famous holiday resort.

A plea for information.


A list of those who are known to have worked on the West Clare Railway at any time between 1884 and 1961 is being prepared. It is not known if the company’s employment records have survived so there are no official lists that can be resourced from anywhere. It is now a matter of carrying out local research from which such information can be collected before it disappears into the misty realms of hearsay and rumour.

If you know of any person who worked on the railway,

will you please send the information to any member of the staff or to our website via e-mail or even by post so that those names can be added to the list.


It is doubtful whether the list can ever be made complete but let us not forget those whose memory is still with us. The list will soon be placed on display in the station house and will be regularly updated as new information is gained. If someone you knew does not appear on that list, then you will only have yourselves to blame if you do not pass the information on to us.

Thank you